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Growing up in Chicago, Sumit studied classical violin for 15 years, playing in local orchestras such as the Classical Symphony Orchestra. This evolved into playing electric violin and guitar with various local bands of almost any style you can imagine. He performed and recorded rock, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, country, abstract electronics, wedding bands, freak-out acid music...

Sumit attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for two years, studying jazz violin performance. While there, he picked up the electric bass, because there was more work (everybody needs a bass player!). Back in Chicago, he really got into the bass, expanding his experiences to include musical theater and anything else that came along.

At this point he started getting into putting together a home recording studio, and getting into this brand new thing called MIDI... Working with artists and researchers in the computer graphics and video field opened the opportunity to create sound and music for video and film projects for graduate art students, and for a number of different organizations.

After moving to northern California, Sumit's main playing and recording project was the The Penguin Jazz Quartet. In addition to playing a lot of live music, he also puts out a more electronic style under the somewhat disturbed persona known as brownie. Among other people, he currently plays with Todd Washington, Rosendo, and Hels Fornander. Sumit is always on the lookout for interesting musical or audio-visual projects.